A Bittersweet Farewell: Marc’s Final Episode of Oxford Club Radio


Hosting Oxford Club Radio has given Marc the opportunity to interview a slew of incredible guests over the past four years.

From pop culture legends like Bruce Buffer, Frank Abagnale and “Big Ang” –  Angela Raiola…to media juggernauts like James Altucher and Barry Ritholtz…former professional athletes like Adonal Foyle and JR Richard…and the some of the brightest minds in finance like Frank Holmes, Blair Hull, Nicole Sherrod, Brad Loncar, and Alan Nadel

It’s been a profound honor and a privilege.

Today, in the final episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc closes the chapter with two special interviews, plus a roundup of highlights from his favorite episodes over the past four years.

First, he chats with Chris Gaffney, President of Everbank Global Markets, about the Fed’s expected rate hike this Wednesday, and the potential impact on commodities prices. Then, he sits down with Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, to discuss the market’s odd combination of low volatility and sky-high valuations.

Finally, he wraps things up with snapshot of his favorite memories from the past four years. And, he thanks all of you for making it all possible, as loyal listeners and avid fans of the show.

Click here to read a transcript.