A Smart Investor’s Guide to Charitable Giving w/ H. Art Taylor, CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance


A lot of investors give to charitable organizations. But not all charities use those funds wisely. On today’s show, we talk to H. Art Taylor, CEO of Better Business Bureau Wise Alliance. He talks about the key information some of these firms are neglecting to share with donors – and how you can vet their trustworthiness before pulling out your wallet.

Marc also discusses the latest jobs numbers and an important new rule that’s changing how companies report earnings. This rule could absolutely affect your investments, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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Producer’s Note: One charity that’s near and dear to our heart is the Roberto Clemente Clinic. It serves a coastal community in Nicaragua that really, really needs access to the healthcare it provides. If you want to learn more – or even better, donate – check out the clinic’s website here.