Crowdfunding Opportunities Takeoff in 2017 w/ Private Equity Expert and Early Investing Founder, Adam Sharp


Marc’s just returned from JP Morgan’s 35th annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. And in this week’s episode, he’s covering all the details…from groundbreaking new medical technologies, to political sentiment, to insider meetings, and new drug announcements…Marc’s got all the exciting details.

Then, he sits down with private equity expert and Early Investing Founder, Adam Sharp, to talk about 2017’s biggest trends in private sector investing.

Adam reveals a new kind of learning technology that’s revolutionizing the way major companies, like Google, are offering their products. Plus, he shares the three most important factors you must consider when investing in start-ups.

If you’ve never considered investing in a start-up company, you’ll definitely want to tune in. Adam debunks the myths and explains how and where anyone can get started with as little as $100.

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