Discussing Bond Volatility, Gold Prices, and Municipal Bonds W/ U.S. Global Investors CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Frank Holmes


Since Trump’s election victory, we’ve watched the market shift in unprecedented ways. The yield on the 10-year Treasury, for example, is up three standard deviations. Some folks are panicking… and some are sitting on the sidelines. Others are more bullish than ever.

If you’re wondering what it all means and how you can profit from it, you’ll want to hear my interview with U.S. Global Investors CEO and Chief Investment Officer Frank Holmes. In this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Frank reveals the unique type of trade that drives gold prices. He also explains how the metal is impacted by inflation and bond volatility. Then he shares the gold investment poised for “a massive surge.”

To learn why Frank’s excited… and why Warren Buffett just poured hundreds of millions into this sector… give this week’s episode a listen.

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