How Investors Should Respond to Trump and the Terror Attack in Brussels


Maybe you love Trump. Or maybe you’re repulsed by the idea of him becoming our next president. Either way, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Which has a lot of folks wondering… What would a Trump presidency do to the markets? On today’s show, Marc share his theory – that the results may not be as bad (or good) as you might think. (In fact, he’s willing to bet his own money on it!)

Marc also reviews some just-released corporate profit data and GDP numbers, all of which supports his belief that the economy will remain relatively flat for the rest of this year.

View the transcript.

Editorial Note: No matter who wins the election, the leading candidates all have one thing in common… they’ve each promised to come after your investments. (Clinton, for example, has pledged to nearly double the capital gains tax rate…) To help you protect your portfolio, The Oxford Club is hosting two Private Wealth Seminars – one in July and one in September. For speakers and other event info, click here.