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Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist of The Oxford Club and the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, where he runs the Instant Income Portfolio, Compound Income Portfolio and Retirement Catch-Up/High Yield Portfolio. Marc is also the editor of Dividend Multiplier, Oxford Systems Trader and Lightning Trend Trader.

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Exclusive highlights from CNBC’s 6th annual Delivering Alpha Conference w/ Frank Curzio, President of Curzio Research and host of “Wall Street Unplugged”


Marc opens the show with a heated discussion of the Wells Fargo fraud scandal and the top executive who raked in a $124 million paycheck shortly before the news broke. If you’re not routinely vetting the management of companies you’re investing in, Marc explains why it’s absolutely critical to start doing so today. Then, Frank […]

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Breaking Free from Wall Street’s Golden Handcuffs to Pursue Purposeful Work w/Sam Polk, Author of “For The Love of Money”

Sam Polk, a former hedge fund trader and self-proclaimed “wealth addict”, left Wall Street (and its multi-million dollar bonuses) behind in 2010 to pursue a career in philanthropy. And since then, he’s launched two successful ventures, Groceryships and Everytable, aimed at connecting low-income families with healthy food and nutrition education, causes he’s very passionate about. […]

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A Smart Investor’s Guide to Charitable Giving w/ H. Art Taylor, CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance

A lot of investors give to charitable organizations. But not all charities use those funds wisely. On today’s show, we talk to H. Art Taylor, CEO of Better Business Bureau Wise Alliance. He talks about the key information some of these firms are neglecting to share with donors – and how you can vet their […]

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Even More Bullish Forces for Gold w/ Sean Brodrick

After a four-year bear market, gold is having a rip-roaring 2016. The price of the yellow metal has gained more than 25% so far. Today’s guest, Sean Brodrick, thinks it will move higher still. More than that, he thinks certain mining stocks – and their investors – are particularly well-positioned to ride gold’s ascent. In an […]

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