Marc Lichtenfeld

Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist of The Oxford Club and the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, where he runs the Instant Income Portfolio, Compound Income Portfolio and Retirement Catch-Up/High Yield Portfolio. Marc is also the editor of Dividend Multiplier, Oxford Systems Trader and Lightning Trend Trader.

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Even More Bullish Forces for Gold w/ Sean Brodrick


After a four-year bear market, gold is having a rip-roaring 2016. The price of the yellow metal has gained more than 25% so far. Today’s guest, Sean Brodrick, thinks it will move higher still. More than that, he thinks certain mining stocks – and their investors – are particularly well-positioned to ride gold’s ascent. In an […]

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Are Dividend Stocks Getting Too Expensive? w/ Vita Nelson

This week we’re getting back to our roots: dividends. Our guest is Vita Nelson, publisher of The Moneypaper and co-manager of the MP 63 Fund (DRIPX). Like Marc, Vita is an expert on dividend-paying stocks. In fact, she’s a pioneer in the field. According to Marc, “She was into dividends before it was cool.” In […]

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Simple Habits to Avoid Financial Disaster w/ Dr. Randall Bell, Author of “Rich Habits Rich Life”

What can investors learn from disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima? A lot, actually. According to today’s guest, Dr. Randall Bell, there’s a lot to take away from these events on both economic and practical levels. Dr. Bell is the author of Rich Habits Rich Life: The Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits. He shares some simple habits that […]

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Tips to Protect Your Retirement Portfolio and Personal Data w/ Frank Abagnale

Today’s episode is all about protecting what’s yours. First, Marc talks about an egregious error too many investors make… one that can result in tens of thousands of dollars worth of losses. Later, fraud protection expert Frank Abagnale joins us to share some helpful tips on how to protect your personal data. Frank’s expertise was hard-earned – he’s the real-life inspiration […]

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