A Bittersweet Farewell: Marc’s Final Episode of Oxford Club Radio

Hosting Oxford Club Radio has given Marc the opportunity to interview a slew of incredible guests over the past four years. From pop culture legends like Bruce Buffer, Frank Abagnale and “Big Ang” –  Angela Raiola…to media juggernauts like James Altucher and Barry Ritholtz…former professional athletes like Adonal Foyle and JR Richard…and the some of […]

Today’s Rally: a New Bull Market? With Investment Analyst and Financial Media Whiz Barry Ritholtz

The market may be eight years off its all time low, but that doesn’t mean we’re eight years into a bull market. In fact, this week’s guest – financial media wiz, Barry Ritholtz – argues that we’re only in the third or fourth inning of a brand new bull market. He says investors who see […]

Preparing for the End of an Eight-Year Bull Market w/ Economist and FreedomFest Founder Dr. Mark Skousen

We’ve spent the past eight years in a bull market. Sentiment is extreme. And, based on the signals, I believe there’s no question if this bull market will end… It’s simply a matter of when. But my guest on this week’s show doesn’t totally agree. He says we could see a correction, but it’ll depend […]

Navigating Today’s Volatile and Unpredictable Market w/ Hedge Fund Trader, Kevin Logan

This week’s edition of Oxford Club Radio marks a big milestone. It’s our 200th episode on the air. And in a rather fitting fashion, Marc’s invited our very first guest back on the show. Kevin Logan is a Principal at San Francisco-based hedge fund, Occasio Partners. He’s one of the best traders Marc know. Today, […]

Creating Reliable, Steady Income without Relying on Stocks and Bonds w/ Cashflow Ninja podcast host, M.C. Laubscher

Marc’s just returned from The MoneyShow conference in Orlando, and in this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, he’s breaking down the biggest takeaways. First on the list? Extreme bullishness. Investor sentiment is “frothier” than ever. Marc explains what this means and why it’s reason for concern. Plus, he shares the trades he’s making today, […]

Navigating Today’s New Bull Market w/ Barry Ritholtz

The market may be eight years off its all time low, but that doesn’t mean we’re eight years into a bull market. In fact, this week’s guest – financial media wiz, Barry Ritholtz – argues that we’re only in the third or fourth inning of a brand new bull market. He says investors who see […]

Discussing Dow 20,000 and Retail Investor Trends w/ TD Ameritrade Managing Director, Nicole Sherrod

Last week, the Dow hit 20,000 for the first time ever, and speculation swirled over who President Trump’s top choice would be to head up the FDA. And while stocks continued their post-election rally upward, uncertainty regarding Trump’s potential appointee also hit new highs. In this week’s episode, Marc explains how the Silicon Valley insider […]

The Unconventional Way to Generate Income Using Real Estate w/ Property Consultant and Bryan Chavis

Today’s real estate market is hot.  And in a hot market, it can be challenging to find value. But there is a way to generate solid, reliable income, without flipping houses… And according to this week’s guest, real estate expert Bryan Chavis, it’s a strategy anyone can begin using today. With it, you can generate […]

Crowdfunding Opportunities Takeoff in 2017 w/ Private Equity Expert and Early Investing Founder, Adam Sharp

Marc’s just returned from JP Morgan’s 35th annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. And in this week’s episode, he’s covering all the details…from groundbreaking new medical technologies, to political sentiment, to insider meetings, and new drug announcements…Marc’s got all the exciting details. Then, he sits down with private equity expert and Early Investing Founder, Adam […]

The 2017 Bond Market Forecast w/ Oxford Club Bond Strategist Steve McDonald

Rising interest rates indicate that the Fed’s regaining confidence in the US economy. But, tightening monetary policy can have an adverse affect on fixed income investments, as rising rates hurt bond values. As a result, it’s more important than ever to understand the role of bonds in a diversified portfolio, and where you can find […]

Immunotherapy Expert, Brad Loncar, Reveals Biotech Forecast for 2017

Our nation’s top biotech insiders are gathering at JP Morgan’s 35th annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco next week. I’ll be at the invitation-only event, which draws thousands of top fund mangers, analysts, investment bankers, and drug company CEOs together for an exclusive look at the most promising medical breakthroughs tee’d up for the coming year. […]


How to Profit from 2017’s Top Tech Trends w/ Venture Capital Expert and Disruptive Technology Research Founder, Louis Basenese

Companies in the disruptive technology space are rapidly hitting a critical, and very lucrative “inflection point”. And it’s created big profit opportunity for everyday investors. In this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc sits down with Louis Basenese, a top venture capital analyst and Founder of Disruptive Tech Research to discuss the technology trends […]

Finding Success in Business and in Life w/ Former Hedge Fund Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, James Altucher

My guest on this week’s show is a former hedge fund manager, Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur. He’s founded or co-founded more than 20 start-up companies, earned tens of millions of dollars, and built a media empire as a self-help podcaster, and investment guru. In September, Forbes named James Altucher  “The Most […]

Every Man’s Blueprint for a Happier, Healthier, and More Fulfilling Life

When Andrew Snyder felt restless nine years ago, he uprooted his life and moved to a remote Alaskan village. It was a radical lifestyle shift, but he yearned for a challenge. He worked as a wilderness guide to make money and meet new people. But, he couldn’t have predicted the profound affects these experiences would […]

Four Hot Sectors For 2017 w/ Ari Wald, Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer

Blue chips are up 2.5% since Election Day. But folks around the country (and the world) want to know… what can we expect when Trump actually takes office? Today’s guest isn’t concerned. His name is Ari Wald. He’s the head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer. According to Ari, there are four sectors that should see especially […]

Trump’s Top Hot Zones for 2017 w/ Energy and Infrastructure Strategist, David Fessler

Trump plans to pump trillions into US infrastructure. That’s no secret. But it’s not going to be all coal and steel mills… According to David Fessler, the Club’s Energy and Infrastructure Strategist, there are a few major beneficiaries of the Trump windfall you’re NOT hearing about. In today’s show, Dave shares the infrastructure hot zones […]

Discussing Bond Volatility, Gold Prices, and Municipal Bonds W/ U.S. Global Investors CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Frank Holmes

Since Trump’s election victory, we’ve watched the market shift in unprecedented ways. The yield on the 10-year Treasury, for example, is up three standard deviations. Some folks are panicking… and some are sitting on the sidelines. Others are more bullish than ever. If you’re wondering what it all means and how you can profit from […]

The Future of Medicare W/ PBS Retirement Expert and New York Times Bestselling Author, Philip Moeller

Medicare is notoriously complex. The countless plan options, tedious paperwork, and convoluted prescription drug pricing schemes make it nearly impossible to figure out how, and where to begin. And for the 55 million Americans that rely on it, that’s a problem. But it’s the reason Medicare expert and New York Times bestselling author, Philip Moeller, […]

The Politics of Healthcare Policy: Election 2016 w/ Insurance Expert, Laura Adams

The polls open up to voters tomorrow. But, there’s one issue that’s been neglected by both candidates and the media these last 10 months… And in this week’s episode, Marc digs into it with insurance expert, and personal finance guru, Laura Adams. Laura’s a Senior Analyst at insuranceQuotes.com and in the interview, she offers a […]

Finding Value in Today’s Market w/Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green

Right now, the stock market is trading near all-time highs. If you’re wondering where to find value and how to buy stocks at a good price, then this episode of Oxford Club Radio is for you. Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, joins Marc to discuss four metrics everyday investors should use to determine whether or not […]

Why Smart People Tend to Be Lousy Investors w/ Spencer Jakab, Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal

Intelligent people make thoughtful, calculated decisions before buying or selling any investment. So, why don’t their portfolios see steadier, more consistent returns? Spencer Jakab, a former Credit Suisse analyst and a Deputy Editor at The Wall Street Journal would chalk it up to psychological biases and the fear of missing out. He says intelligent people who […]

Discussing a U.S. Currency Crisis and The 2016 Election w/ Acclaimed Financial Author and Global Currency Expert, Jim Rickards

In this week’s episode, Marc kicks things off talking about interest rates. He reveals the biggest factor preventing the Fed, (and other central banks) from lifting rates, and explains how “millennials” could help prop-up our country’s failing entitlement programs. Then, he welcomes currency expert and New York Times best-selling author, Jim Rickards, onto the show. […]

Talking Trump w/ Brad Thomas, author of “The Trump Factor” and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Real Estate Investor

If you’re following the Trump tax return debacle or the looming Deutsche Bank disaster, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio. Marc kicks things off by discussing the troubles at Europe’s biggest bank, and what a collapse could mean for the US markets and your portfolio. He switches gears to […]

Interest Rates, Commodities, and Seasonal Investing with Everbank Chairman, Frank Trotter and Emerging Trends Strategist, Matthew Carr

In this week’s episode Marc is joined by Frank Trotter, Chairman of EverBank Global Markets. Frank discusses the surprising reason why interest rates are likely to remain low for a while. Frank also explains why the commodities boom we’re seeing this year is just the beginning… Then, Marc is joined by Matthew Carr, the Oxford […]

Exclusive highlights from CNBC’s 6th annual Delivering Alpha Conference w/ Frank Curzio, President of Curzio Research and host of “Wall Street Unplugged”

Marc opens the show with a heated discussion of the Wells Fargo fraud scandal and the top executive who raked in a $124 million paycheck shortly before the news broke. If you’re not routinely vetting the management of companies you’re investing in, Marc explains why it’s absolutely critical to start doing so today. Then, Frank […]

Breaking Free from Wall Street’s Golden Handcuffs to Pursue Purposeful Work w/Sam Polk, Author of “For The Love of Money”

Sam Polk, a former hedge fund trader and self-proclaimed “wealth addict”, left Wall Street (and its multi-million dollar bonuses) behind in 2010 to pursue a career in philanthropy. And since then, he’s launched two successful ventures, Groceryships and Everytable, aimed at connecting low-income families with healthy food and nutrition education, causes he’s very passionate about. […]

A Smart Investor’s Guide to Charitable Giving w/ H. Art Taylor, CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance

A lot of investors give to charitable organizations. But not all charities use those funds wisely. On today’s show, we talk to H. Art Taylor, CEO of Better Business Bureau Wise Alliance. He talks about the key information some of these firms are neglecting to share with donors – and how you can vet their […]

Even More Bullish Forces for Gold w/ Sean Brodrick

After a four-year bear market, gold is having a rip-roaring 2016. The price of the yellow metal has gained more than 25% so far. Today’s guest, Sean Brodrick, thinks it will move higher still. More than that, he thinks certain mining stocks – and their investors – are particularly well-positioned to ride gold’s ascent. In an […]

Are Dividend Stocks Getting Too Expensive? w/ Vita Nelson

This week we’re getting back to our roots: dividends. Our guest is Vita Nelson, publisher of The Moneypaper and co-manager of the MP 63 Fund (DRIPX). Like Marc, Vita is an expert on dividend-paying stocks. In fact, she’s a pioneer in the field. According to Marc, “She was into dividends before it was cool.” In […]

Simple Habits to Avoid Financial Disaster w/ Dr. Randall Bell, Author of “Rich Habits Rich Life”

What can investors learn from disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima? A lot, actually. According to today’s guest, Dr. Randall Bell, there’s a lot to take away from these events on both economic and practical levels. Dr. Bell is the author of Rich Habits Rich Life: The Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits. He shares some simple habits that […]

Tips to Protect Your Retirement Portfolio and Personal Data w/ Frank Abagnale

Today’s episode is all about protecting what’s yours. First, Marc talks about an egregious error too many investors make… one that can result in tens of thousands of dollars worth of losses. Later, fraud protection expert Frank Abagnale joins us to share some helpful tips on how to protect your personal data. Frank’s expertise was hard-earned – he’s the real-life inspiration […]

The Big Benefit of Low Interest Rates w/ Justin Ford, Owner of Pax Properties

There’s one benefit of interest rates being so low… For anyone looking to buy a house right now, it’s like banks are giving away free money. In today’s show, Marc shows how if you factor in tax incentives for certain homebuyers, you could wind up with an extra $1,000 or more in pure profit. Later, real […]

Precious Metals and The Secret Lives of Millionaires w/ Rich Checkan, President of Asset Strategies International

When the average American envisions what a millionaire looks like, it’s usually far off the mark. But if you understand the true habits of the wealthy, you’ll be one step closer to joining them. That’s the focus of today’s first segment. Later, Marc is joined by Rich Checkan, President and COO of Asset Strategies International, […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Shorting Stocks w/ Manuel Asensio, Author of “Sold Short: Uncovering Deception in the Markets”

Shorting stocks and other financial instruments can be extremely profitable… IF you know what you’re doing. In today’s show, Marc shares everything you need to know to get started as a short-seller. He even brings in the “big guns,” shorting pioneer Manuel Asensio. He’s the author of the popular book, Sold Short: Uncovering Deception in […]

Stocks or Bonds: What’s the Better Economic Indicator? w/ Jason Hartman, Host of The Creating Wealth Podcast

Did you know there’s a direct correlation between stock market performance and birth rates in the U.S.? There’s also evidence to support that the markets can even predict wars and nuclear events. But on today’s show, Marc’s asking: “What’s the better economic indicator – stocks or bonds?” We want to hear from listeners, too. Weigh in […]

The Brexit Sell-Off: A Bullish Signal? w/ Patty Farmer, Author of “Playboy Swings”

In this week’s episode, Marc discusses the $2 trillion sell-off caused by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union – aka the dreaded “Brexit.” Was the market’s reaction a sign of more trouble to come? Or was it actually a bullish signal? Believe it or not, there is lots of evidence to support the latter… […]

What Does Brexit Mean for Gold, Global Stocks and Bonds? w/ Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors

It’s official: Great Britain has gone rogue. And since last week’s Brexit vote, the markets have been a mess. On today’s show, Marc explains the ramifications of the vote for Britain, the EU, the markets and investors. Later, he asks Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, how he thinks Brexit will affect currencies, gold, global stocks […]

Gold, Silver and the Funds You should Be Buying w/ Sean Brodrick, Resource Strategist

Where should investors be putting their money NOW? If you look at the numbers, it’s clear the answer’s not mutual funds. In fact, you’d be better off investing directly in the S&P. Fortunately, there are even better options. Marc discusses some ideas at the top of this week’s episode. Later, he welcomes Oxford Club Resource Strategist Sean Brodrick to […]

What’s Ahead for Real Estate w/ Benjamin Butcher, CEO of STAG Industrial

We’re in the middle of a commercial real estate boom and, as a result, REITs are having a phenomenal year. On today’s show, Marc asks Benjamin Butcher, CEO of STAG Industrial (NYSE: STAG), how he thinks the sector should perform from here. STAG is a Boston-based REIT with 292 properties in 38 states. Later, Marc […]

Is It Actually Possible to Time the Market? w/ Blair Hull, Hull Investments

On today’s episode, Marc talks to legendary options trader Blair Hull. After selling his first company to Goldman Sachs, Blair founded the Hull Tactical U.S. ETF (NYSE: HTUS). It’s currently crushing the S&P 500. And according to Blair, it’s because his firm is able to use predictive indicators to essentially do the impossible – that is, time […]

Where to Invest in the Fight Against Cancer w/ Brad Loncar, Loncar Investments

One of the biggest biotech meetings of the year – ASCO – is about to get underway. This conference is huge, from both a medical and an investment perspective. To talk about it, Marc is joined by Brad Loncar, founder of the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF (Nasdaq: CNCR). Marc also wishes a happy 120th birthday […]

Title III: Opening the Startup Floodgates w/ Andrew Gordon, Co-Founder of Early Investing

It’s finally here; Title III of the JOBS Act, which enables everyday investors to purchase equity in startups, is officially live. Previously, these opportunities were only available to venture capitalists and accredited individuals (read: millionaires). But now, the floodgates have opened… To help get listeners off to a strong start in this new space, we’ve invited Early Investing co-founder […]

The End of Investment Banking w/ Cheryl Casone, Author & Fox Business Anchor

According to The Wall Street Journal, we’re in the middle of a record-breaking year. Unfortunately, that record is for deals falling apart. Halliburton-Baker Hughes… Pfizer-Allergan… Staples-Office Depot… all multibillion-dollar mergers that never went through. The cost to Wall Street? An estimated $300 million in fees. Marc talks about this growing trend – and what it could […]

Automation & An Insider’s Perspective on Shark Tank w/ Martin Hill

The latest jobs numbers are in and unemployment is still at five percent. The scary thing is… it may soon ratchet upward. To kick off this week’s episode, Marc discusses the advances being made in automation – and how robots could ultimately displace millions of workers. It’s not all bad, of course; some of this technology […]

This Trillion-Dollar Debt Bubble is Ready to Pop w/ Bruce Mesnekoff

On this week’s episode, Marc starts by picking apart earnings releases from Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) – two social media darlings, two very different reports. Later, Marc chats with Bruce Mesnekoff, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans. According to Bruce, there’s a trillion-dollar debt bubble growing in the United States… and […]

The Earnings Game & Tips for Staying Safe Online w/ Morgan Wright

A lot of folks say Wall Street is rigged. We don’t buy that. When it comes to earnings, though… Yeah, there’s a bit of a game being played there. The game isn’t FIXED, mind you. But it is definitely slanted in Wall Street’s favor. Marc explains in today’s show. Plus: A conversation with internationally recognized cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright. Morgan formerly served as […]

Fundamentals, Technicals, Friends and Romans w/ Gregg Greenberg

Fundamentals or technicals – which is better for judging a potential investment? Traders have been going back and forth on this for years. Some base their decisions solely on charts and patterns… others stick to the hard financial data reported by companies each quarter. But the question remains… which is better? On today’s show, Marc explains what works best for him […]

The Panama Papers, Trend-Following and Trump’s “Very Massive Recession” w/ Michael Melissinos

Have you heard about the Panama Papers? This controversial data leak revealed where the world’s rich and famous are stashing their money. On today’s show, Marc shares his thoughts on this behavior – and the surprising location where foreign cash is increasingly showing up. Later, Michael Melissinos joins us for a chat on the fast-paced world of trend-following. (That’s aligning your […]

Simple Tips to Improve Your Health w/ Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at The Cleveland Clinic

According to a new study published by The Lancet, as of 2025, 40% of adults in the U.S. will be classified as obese. Even worse, if we don’t do something about it fast, we will soon be spending 15% of our GDP on diabetes treatment. On today’s show, Marc discusses these and other shocking statistics with Dr. Michael Roizen, […]

How Investors Should Respond to Trump and the Terror Attack in Brussels

Maybe you love Trump. Or maybe you’re repulsed by the idea of him becoming our next president. Either way, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Which has a lot of folks wondering… What would a Trump presidency do to the markets? On today’s show, Marc share his theory – that the results may not be as […]

What to Make of the Fed’s Latest Shocker w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth

It was another week filled with surprises from the U.S. Federal Reserve… On the heels of the latest FOMC meeting, Janet Yellen shared plans to hike interest rates twice this year, instead of the scheduled four. To help explain what this will mean for investors, Marc talks with Danielle DiMartino Booth, a former analyst with […]

Shorting Stockholm Housing & Reversing the Course of Depression w/ Alex Korb, Ph.D.

On today’s show, Marc starts by discussing the European Central Bank’s surprising decision to lower interest rates even further. With the EU’s main deposit rate now -0.4%, a dangerous precedent is being set. To drive this point home, Marc shares a particularly disturbing statistic. He also explains why he wants to make his own Big Short-style […]

Contrarian Stocks ‘n’ Boxing w/ Arnie Verbeek, Money Manager and Owner of Maple Avenue Boxing Gym

So many investors call themselves “contrarian.”And yet, the overwhelming majority of these individuals wouldn’t know a contrarian opportunity if it bit them on the nose. In today’s episode, Marc explains what he looks for when evaluating the market’s most unloved stocks. Later, an interview with Arnie Verbeek, money manager and owner of the Maple Avenue Boxing […]

A “Run-of-the-Mill” Rout in Stocks? w/ Frank Curzio, Host of Wall Street Unplugged

In today’s episode, Marc talks about two recent events that are making him more optimistic about stocks in the short term. He also responds to listener feedback regarding his “doom and gloom” view of politics. And later, Marc brings in revered analyst Frank Curzio to get his thoughts on where markets are heading next. Frank […]

Where Gold is Headed and What Political Rhetoric is Doing to Stocks w/ Karim Rahemtulla

Gold has been on fire lately… but is its rise sustainable? To answer that, Marc talks to global currency and commodities expert Karim Rahemtulla. Karim is the co-founder of Beyond the Dollar LLC and author of the best-selling book, Where in the World Should I Invest? In this interview, you’ll find out why he’s been advocating the […]

Unique, Alternative Assets for Your Retirement Portfolio w/ Jaime Raskulinecz

Which retirement accounts are tax-deferred? How much can you contribute before Uncle Sam steps in? What’s an ideal annual contribution? We tackle these questions and more on today’s podcast. We also chat with Jaime Rasklulinecz, CEO and Founder of Next Generation Trust Services. With markets down for the year, Jaime shares some unique, alternative assets that can […]

Diversifying Outside of These Crazy Markets w/ Jason Hartman, Founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc.

On this week’s episode, Marc recaps yet another crazy week in stocks. In case you missed it, gold skyrocketed… oil moved higher… earnings cut some stocks in half… and the broad markets surged, then collapsed. Which leaves a lot of people wondering: A) How can investors protect themselves, and B) where can they MAKE MONEY? To help answer […]

Bouncing Markets & Beaten Down Biotech Stocks w/ Ari Wald, Technical Analyst, Oppenheimer & Co.

On this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc takes a closer look at the beaten down biotech sector. He also chats with Oppenheimer & Co.’s Ari Wald about whether or not we’re looking at bottom in the broad market. Ari explains why he thinks consumer staples will be strong in 2016 as gold and energy remain […]

Bargain Buys and Impact Investing w/ Dr. Kristin Hull, President of Nia Global Solutions

Last week was another volatile one for stocks. Have any new bargains emerged as a result? Did we experience capitulation? (And just what does “capitulation” mean, anyway?) Marc answers these questions and more in this week’s show. He also discusses the concept of “impact investing” – buying stocks that generate meaningful social and environmental change […]

Historic Volatility w/ Alan Nadel & Insights from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

After three whirlwind days at the 2016 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Marc is back with plenty of insights on what’s going on in the sector. If you’re interested in investing in biotech this year, you won’t want to miss this episode. Marc also welcomes Alan Nadel, founder of Flying Point Asset Management to the show. […]

Portfolios with Purpose w/ Stacey Asher and Brad Loncar

Today’s show features not one but TWO great interviews. Our first chat is with Stacey Asher, founder and CEO of Portfolios with Purpose. Portfolios with Purpose is a non-profit that pits traders – both professionals and amateurs alike – against each other for charity. (Make sure you listen to this episode in its entirety; Stacey explains how YOU can […]

Where to Invest in 2016 w/ The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green

Happy new year! It’s our first show of 2016 and we’re kicking off with a bang. Today, Marc welcomes The Oxford Club‘s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green to the show. Alex shares his big prediction for 2016 – where he thinks investors could score the highest return. Marc also talks about oil prices and emerging opportunities in […]


Turnaround Stocks, Dividend Safety & Overcoming Adversity w/ Linda Losey, Founder of Bloomery Plantation Distillery

Ho ho ho! It’s a special post-Christmas edition of Oxford Club Radio, featuring a bounty of great topics including turnaround stocks… 2016 predictions… and a mailbag question about Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI). Marc also talks with Linda Losey, founder of Bloomery Plantation Distillery in West Virginia. Linda has had to overcome numerous obstacles – including […]

What Investors Should Expect in 2016 w/ Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist

In today’s episode, Marc talks about the Fed’s quarter-point interest rate hike and what it means for the markets. To help sort through all the potential repercussions, Marc invites The Oxford Club’s Emerging Trends Strategist, Matthew Carr, to join him. Matt offers his perspective – based on years of data – and shares his thoughts […]

Thoughts on China’s Renminbi, Prosperity & Taxes (w/ Adam Taggart, Co-Founder of PeakProsperity.com)

On today’s episode, Marc talks with Adam Taggart about his new book, Prosper! How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting. Marc also discusses the International Monetary Fund’s decision to include China’s renminbi as a main world currency… and later, has an important conversation on taxes. Regarding that last point, Marc […]

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About ISIS w/ Gwynne Dyer, Author of “Don’t Panic: ISIS, Terror and Today’s Middle East”

In the wake of the Paris attacks and last week’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, the title of today’s show may surprise you. But that’s precisely why you should listen to our interview with Gwynne Dyer, author of the new book, Don’t Panic: ISIS, Terror and Today’s Middle East. Also discussed in this week’s episode: the latest […]

What the NYSE’s New Rule Means for Investors w/ Rob Hamwee, CEO of New Mountain Finance Corp.

In this week’s episode, Marc looks at a new rule set to be implemented by the New York Stock Exchange. This rule will affect long-term investors and short-term traders alike, starting in early 2016. Marc also chats with Rob Hamwee, CEO of New Mountain Finance Corp. (NYSE: NMFC), about the current environment for business development companies. View […]

Can Bitcoin Save Online Gambling? w/ Brett Arends, Award-Winning Columnist

Fresh off an enlightening visit to Cuba, Marc spends part of this week’s episode talking about his experiences there: the culture… the politics… and the overall business environment. Later, Marc chats with award-winning columnist Brett Arends. Brett has covered finance for MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Herald and Daily Mail. But it’s his recent article about Bitcoin and online […]

Alternative Assets for Your IRA or 401(k) w/ Jaime Raskulinecz, CEO of Next Generation Trust

Did you know you can put precious metals and real estate in your retirement account? (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…) On today’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc talks to Jaime Raskulinecz, CEO of Next Generation Trust Services, about some popular (and little-known) alternative assets people include in their IRAs and 401(k)s. Marc also […]

Retirement Loopholes and “Wall Street’s Finest” w/ Scott Klinger, Center for Effective Government

In this week’s episode, Marc talks about the latest employment numbers, including the 271,000 new jobs created in October. He also welcomes Scott Klinger, director of revenue and spending policies at the Center for Effective Government. Scott, the co-author of a new report titled “A Tale of Two Retirements,” explains why retirement benefits for CEOs have exploded […]

The Coming Earnings Recession w/ Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club

In this week’s episode, Marc welcomes The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green to the show. The two discuss Alex’s recent column for Investment U, “Get Ready for the Next Big Scare: The Earnings Recession.” With earnings down for so many companies, an event like this isn’t impossible… but will it actually happen? Marc also shares […]

Earnings and Instability in the Markets w/ Kevin Logan, Managing Partner at Occasio Partners

Last week saw some huge swings in the markets, largely due to earnings results. That begs the question… are stocks unstable right now? Marc asks guest Kevin Logan on today’s show. The two also delve into specific sectors, like oil and retail, looking for strength in all this volatility. Later, Marc answers a question from the […]

Railroad Stocks, Share Buybacks and Taking the Bias Out of News w/ Austen Allred, Co-Founder of Grasswire

On this week’s show, Marc explains why he’s not a fan of share buybacks (when a company uses excess cash to buy its own stock), calling out Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO)’s Marissa Mayer and the CEO of Estee Lauder (NYSE: EL) as two major offenders. He also discusses the downtrodden railroad sector and why he’s waiting for companies like Union Pacific (NYSE: […]

The “McCarthy” Rally w/ Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors

Under the leadership of our “do-nothing” congress, the market has tripled. Coincidence? Marc explains why last week’s rally in stocks could all be thanks to Kevin McCarthy dropping out of the House speaker race. And later, U.S. Global investors’ Frank Holmes joins Marc to give his take on the Fed and interest rates. View the transcript.

Is This the Beginning of a Bear Market in Stocks? w/ Zak Williams

The third quarter was a rough one for the markets. The S&P 500 was down 7%, the worst quarter in four years. But is this the beginning of a bear market in stocks? Marc investigates in this week’s podcast. He also welcomes Zak Williams to the show. Zak is a prison reform and financial literacy […]

Millennials in the Market & Trump-Proof Investing w/ Nicole Sherrod, Director of Trading at TD Ameritrade

On this week’s episode, Marc welcomes Nicole Sherrod to talk about the challenges of getting millennials to invest. Nicole is the Managing Director of Trading at TD Ameritrade (you’ve probably seen her in some of their recent commercials) and helped to develop the thinkorswim Challenge, which invites students to compete against each other on the subject of finance and […]

Trump’s Billions: Real Estate vs. Stocks w/ Robert Bakke, NASCAR Driver & Author

On today’s episode, Marc delves into a recent Vox article that claims Donald Trump would have made more investing in the S&P than in real estate. According to the article, if Trump had put the $40 million he received as an inheritance into an index fund, he’d be worth more than twice as much today… but […]

Flash Crashes, Dividends and What to Do in the Oil Market w/ Frank Curzio

Marc discuses the flash crash from a few weeks ago, particularly the role that trading computers played in the crash. Frank Curzio, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast and editor of The Adventure Capitalist newsletter, joins the show to offer his thoughts on the flash crash as well as the state of the oil […]

The Jobless Rate, Freedom Fest and the Flash Crash w/ Mark Skousen, editor of Forecasts & Strategies

Marc discusses the latest job figures. Mark Skousen, editor of Forecasts & Strategies, joins the show. Mark comments on the most recent Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, of which presidential hopeful Donald Trump was a guest. Mark also gives his perspective on the “flash crash” from August 24th and what it means for “The Golden Age […]

Interest Rates & Dirty Banks w/ Robert Mazur, Former DEA Agent & Author of “The Infiltrator”

There’s been a lot of back and forth about interest rates lately. Yet no one seems to know – for certain – if the Fed is planning to lift rates any time soon. On today’s episode, Marc looks at the evidence that’s been presented so far and gives his take on the situation. Later, he welcomes former DEA […]

China’s Impact On U.S. Markets, Oil Prices & Sin Stocks w/ Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist

It was another crazy week in stocks, with mass sell-offs due to China’s slowing market and economy. But are things really as bad as they seem? On this episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc looks at China’s official growth rate – as well as jobless claims in the U.S. – to get an idea of what investors have in […]

Avoiding “Financial Fouls” w/ Adonal Foyle, Former NBA Player & Author

Within five years of retirement, 60% of NBA players go broke. Think that’s bad? For NFL players, the number jumps to 80%! The question is: Why do so many professional athletes end up poor after such lucrative careers? On today’s show, Marc asks former Golden State Warrior Adonal Foyle for his thoughts on the subject. […]

Biotech Stocks, Global Investing and The GOP Debate w/ Aaron Katsman, President/CEO of Lighthouse Capital

On this episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc starts by discussing last week’s GOP debate – and comments by Jeb Bush – from an economic perspective. Then he welcomes Aaron Katsman, author and President/CEO of Lighthouse Capital, a boutique wealth management firm based in Jerusalem, Israel. The two talk global investment opportunities, current market sentiment […]

Top Money Tips for Pre-Retirees w/ Laura D. Adams, Host of the Money Girl Podcast

Your return doesn’t have to shrink when you retire – in fact, the exact opposite should be true. In this episode, Marc discusses dividend stocks and other income-generating investments. He also has an informative chat with Laura D. Adams, host of the popular Money Girl Podcast and author of Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich […]

Investing in Precious Metals and Prison Stocks w/ Sean Brodrick, Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer

In this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc explains how his obsession with Orange is the New Black got him thinking about an unusual – but lucrative – investment opportunity: prison stocks. Later, he welcomes Oxford Resource Explorer co-editor Sean Brodrick to the show to talk about all things metal… gold, silver, industrials and more. Sean also shares where he thinks resources are heading in […]

Opportunities in the Greek Debt Aftermath w/ Martin Stephan, Chief Editor of Travel Trader

After weeks of tension, the banks are open and Greece is returning to normalcy. The question is… what happens next? That’s what Marc poses to our guest, Martin Stephan. Based in Berlin, Germany, Martin is a longtime friend of The Oxford Club, as well as Chief Editor of High-Speed Millionaire and Travel Trader. Marc also talks earnings, including results from big […]

Building An All-Star Retirement Portfolio w/ J.R. Richard, Former Pitcher For The Houston Astros

Dividends, money management and professional sports collide in this week’s podcast. Marc starts by explaining how you can build an all-star retirement portfolio… one that generates so much income you never have to sell shares for cash. And later, he welcomes J.R. Richard, former starting pitcher for the Houston Astros. The two discuss baseball, financial literacy and […]

Greece vs. The EU (And What It Means For Investors) w/ Frank Trotter, Chairman of EverBank Global Markets

Yesterday’s landmark vote in Greece set the country up for an official “Grexit” from the Eurozone. But what does that mean for the global economy and investors? Will other EU countries follow? That’s the focus of today’s show, featuring Everbank Global Chairman Frank Trotter. Later, Marc dips into the mailbag and answers some questions about […]

The Power of Dividend Investing w/ Vita Nelson, Publisher of DirectInvesting.com

Longtime listeners know this show used to be called “Get Rich with Dividends,” named after Marc’s bestselling book of the same name. Today, we return to our roots, so to speak, with an episode focused almost entirely on dividend investing. Marc’s guest is Vita Nelson, publisher of DirectInvesting.com and a long-time advocate of dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs).  View the […]

Marijuana: The Fastest-Growing Industry in the U.S.? w/ Chris Boucher

Last year alone, marijuana generated roughly $150 million in sales in Colorado… and crime rates actually dropped! Nationwide, it’s one of our fastest growing industries, despite going largely untouched by our banking system. In today’s show, we talk to Chris Boucher, VP of Product Development at CannaVest. Chris is a true pioneer of the hemp industry. He gives us […]

Where to Find Value in This Market w/ Alexander Green

Think stocks are expensive right now? In today’s show, Marc explains why it could be a whole lot worse. (For one thing, the current market is just slightly more expensive than the historical average.) Later, he talks to The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green about where to find value when prices are high […]

The China Bubble, Interest Rates and Insider Trading w/ Michael Kimelman

China’s Shenzhen stock market is the most expensive in the world, trading at 44 times earnings (vs. 22 for the Nasdaq). In today’s show, Marc offers up some ways investors can both play this situation and protect themselves from the financial fallout. And later, he interviews Michael Kimelman, a former hedge fund manager who served […]

Two Types of Stocks You Should Avoid w/ Peter Pham, Author of The Big Trade

It’s impossible to remove ALL risk from investing. But there are certain stocks that carry far more danger than the average play. In today’s podcast, Marc talks about two markets that investors should avoid at all cost. Later: a conversation with Peter Pham, managing director of Phoenix Capital and author of The Big Trade, about why he doesn’t […]

Are Current Highs in Stocks and Real Estate Sustainable? w/ Ari Wald, Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer

The Dow and S&P just closed at record highs… and existing home sales are up 6% year over year. Yet the financial news media keeps reporting the end of times is near. Are they right? In this week’s episode, Marc talks to Ari Wald, Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer. Ari shares his thoughts on […]

Money CAN Buy Happiness w/ Chelsea Fagan, Founder of The Financial Diet

We’ve all heard money can’t buy happiness, but… is that true? Today’s guest, Chelsea Fagan, says no (and Marc is inclined to agree). Chelsea is the creator of TheFinancialDiet.com and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and more. Also discussed: Is the economy going to end the year STRONGER than […]

Yellen On Stocks, Stamps As An Alternative Asset w/ Keith Heddle, Managing Director Of Investments At Stanley Gibbons

Does Janet Yellen have any right to be talking about stocks? Who are the real winners of the Mayweather/Pacquio fight? What’s the difference between stamp collecting and stamp investing? These topics and more are discussed in this week’s Oxford Club Radio, featuring special guest Keith Heddle. View the transcript.

The Current State of Stocks w/ Kevin Logan, Managing Partner at Occasio Partners

In this week’s podcast, Marc talks to seasoned trader and Managing Partner at Occasio Partners, Kevin Logan, about the current state of the markets. Kevin explains why he believes a quick rise in interest rates is “something this economy can’t handle” and why bonds and stocks moving down together is a bad sign. Later, Marc dips […]

Cuba Plays and Self-Directed IRAs w/ Adam Vaught and Jaime Raskulinecz

In this week’s episode, Marc talks to Jaime Raskulinecz, CEO of Next Generation Trust, about self-directed IRAs – how they work, who they’re for and what makes them different from a traditional IRA. Later, Marc welcomes Adam Vaught to the show. Adam was voted the top travel specialist for Cuba by Condé Nast. He shares his thoughts […]

Hookernomics w/ Andrew Zatlin, The Moneyball Economist

Can the price of escorts predict the future of the economy? According to Moneyball Economics’ Andrew Zatlin, the answer is a resounding YES. In today’s episode, Marc talks with Andrew about his new report, “Hookernomics,” and how – exactly – he gathered the necessary data for his research. Later, Marc explains why it’s so important […]

Making Sense of Money w/ Sabrina Lamb, Founder of World of Money & Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist

Did you know the U.S. is ranked 17th globally in financial education? In this week’s episode, Marc welcomes World of Money founder Sabrina Lamb to talk about how she’s working to improve financial literacy among young adults. Later, Marc is joined by Oxford Club Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr. Matt shares some surprising earnings figures and gives […]

Where To Invest Abroad w/ Chris Gaffney, President of EverBank World Markets

Should global investors look at China? Japan? The eurozone? In this week’s episode, Marc talks to Chris Gaffney, President of EverBank World Markets, about where (and what) you should be buying now. Later, Marc shares some tips on how to improve the financial literacy of young people in your life. View the transcript.

Speculative Stocks and Microcap Investing w/ Ian Cassel, Founder of MicroCapClub

The theme of this week’s episode is “speculation.” We’re talking high risk/high reward investing in microcap stocks (companies with market caps under $300 million). Marc’s guest is Ian Cassel, a full-time microcap investor and founder of MicroCapClub.com. Other topics include the so-called “bubble” in biotech… a question on foreign dividend-payers from a listener in Michigan… and more. […]

What the Stock Market Says About the Economy w/ Felix Salmon, Host of Slate Money

In this week’s episode, Marc chats with Felix Salmon, host of the Slate Money podcast, about why he calls investing a “rich people’s hobby.” Also discussed: Will the Fed raise interest rates in June? Do stocks signal what’s about to happen in the economy (or is it the other way around)? And… six years in, how much […]

Where Wall Street Is Investing Now w/ TheStreet.com’s Gregg Greenberg

In this week’s OC Radio, Marc talks to TheStreet.com reporter Gregg Greenberg about the current state of the markets and what he’s hearing from CEOs, hedge fund managers and Wall Street pros. Marc also looks at the latest jobs statistics and explains why he just bet a friend $100 that the Fed won’t raise interest […]

Net Neutrality, Electric Cars and Muni Funds w/ Jim Taylor, Former CEO of Hummer

In this week’s episode, Marc discusses the FCC’s landmark ruling on Net Neutrality and how it will affect both individuals and corporations. He also chats with former Hummer CEO Jim Taylor about the future of electric vehicles in the United States. And later, Marc dips into the mailbag to answer one listener’s question on municipal bond funds. View the transcript.

Simplifying Social Security w/ Philip Moeller

The Social Security program in the United States is confusing (some would say that’s by design). But in today’s episode, Marc chats with an expert on the subject, Philip Moeller. He’s a Time magazine and PBS contributor, as well as the co-author of Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security (currently […]

Futures Investing, Europe and What Happens to Your Facebook Profile When You Die w/ Barry Potekin

In this week’s episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc welcomes back Barry Potekin, Vice President of RMB Group. The two talk commodities and futures investing, as well as how to position yourself in preparation of “black swan” events that could derail stocks. Marc also discusses Facebook’s new bequeathal policy and what happens to your profile when you die. View […]

Deflation Chatter & How A Professional Poker Player Manages Money w/ Tristan Wade

In this week’s episode, Marc discusses personal money management with professional poker player Tristan Wade. He also looks at the latest jobs numbers and disputes all the deflation chatter going on right now. Plus: a question from the mailbag about ConocoPhillips’ dividend. View the transcript.

How to Beat Volatility with Trailing Stops w/ Rich Checkan

In this week’s episode, Marc addresses the growing stock market volatility as companies release earnings. His suggestion for weathering the turbulence? Employing trailing stops. Marc also interviews Rich Checkan, the President and COO of Asset Strategies International, about what’s happening in gold and precious metals. View the transcript.

Investing in Europe, The Super Bowl & What Constitutes “Tolerable Debt” w/ Chris Hogan & Paul Bovi

In this week’s Oxford Club Radio, Marc welcomes TWO guests. First, a conversation with debt management expert Chris Hogan about whether it’s better to pay off your mortgage and credit card debt vs. invest for retirement. Next, Marc chats with Paul Bovi, former VP of Oppenheimer Funds turned professional gambler. Paul gives his thoughts on […]

Takeaways from JPM 2015 (A.K.A. “Woodstock for Biotech”) w/ Dr. Rajesh Patel

Fresh off the plane from this year’s JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, Marc talks investment trends and takeaways from the “Woodstock for Biotech” in this week’s podcast. His guest is Dr. Rajesh Patel, managing director for equities at Red Acre Investments. Also discussed: last week’s major development with the Swiss Franc that will have huge implications for […]

Contrarian Investing And When To Short A Trade w/ Tim Heitman

In this week’s podcast, Marc shares some tips on how to become a successful contrarian investor. He also welcomes Tim Heitman, co-founder of Investing 501, to discuss how, when and why you should short a trade. View the transcript.

Spousal IRAs and Other Investing Tips for Women and Children w/ Janet Bodnar

In this week’s episode, Marc chats with author and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance editor Janet Bodnar about some ways to pass on financial wisdom to kids. The two also discuss the benefits of contributing to a spousal IRA. Later, Marc looks at Detroit’s financial resurgence and what it means for the greater economy. View the transcript.


What Investors Should Expect in 2015 w/ Alexander Green

It’s the last episode of 2014 and Marc’s guest is The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green. The guys discuss whether GDP growth will continue in 2015, the fate of the ongoing bull market and what investors should expect in the New Year. Marc also shares a new development in healthcare that he thinks […]

Responses To The North Korean Cyberattack, Cuba & The Fed

This week’s episode is ALL MARC (there was some confusion with our scheduled guest). He responds to Sony’s handling of the North Korean cyberattack, the White House’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba, and Janet Yellen’s comments on 2015 interest rates. Marc also digs into the mailbag to reply to letters from listeners. View the […]

Bypassing Wall Street & The Art of Selling Stocks w/ Pamela Yellen

In this week’s podcast, Marc explains why you shouldn’t always trust what CEOs are saying and how investors can get over their fear of selling stocks. He also chats with New York Times bestselling author Pamela Yellen about her book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution, and some little-known alternatives to traditional 401(k) plans. View the […]

Epic Jobs Numbers, Rising Wages & the New American Pastime w/ Chris Martenson

In this week’s OC Radio, Marc looks at the latest jobs numbers and gives his thoughts on the direction the economy is heading. Then he has a conversation with Dr. Chris Martenson, a renowned economic researcher and futurist, about some major developments happening in energy.

2015 “Predictions” & Fighting Cystic Fibrosis w/ Katharine Scrivener

In this Thanksgiving-themed episode of Oxford Club Radio, Marc discusses bogus end-of-the-year “predictions” and some positive economic stats investors should be thankful for. He also talks to Katharine Scrivener, founder of For 30 More, a campaign to end Cystic Fibrosis. View the transcript.

Dollar Strength & The Mobile App That Invests Spare Change w/ Walter Cruttenden

In this week’s podcast, Marc chats with Walter Cruttenden, CEO and Co-Founder of Acorns. Launched over the summer, Acorns is a mobile app that invests spare change into custom ETFs. Walter explains how the app works, who’s using it and how much you stand to make. Also: Marc explains why tuning out the mainstream media […]

Talking Silver, Gasoline & Disruptive Technology Stocks w/ Louis Basenese

This week’s guest is Louis Basenese, founder of DisruptiveTechResearch.com. Lou shares some of his favorite emerging tech trends, including a company that’s helping restore vision to the blind. In addition, Marc responds to listener mail and gives his thoughts on how cheap gasoline will affect retail sales this holiday season. View the transcript

Thoughts on the Midterms, Oil Prices & Biotech Stocks w/ Alan Nadel

Marc’s guest this week is Alan Nadel, founder of Flying Point Asset Management LLC. The two discuss the results of the midterm elections and how they’re likely to affect stocks. Plus: Where oil prices are heading, why you may not want to hold on to Alibaba much longer and Marc’s prediction for the biotech sector.

The Virtue of Investing Early w/ Rachel Fox, one of TIME’s “Most Influential Teens”

In this week’s podcast, Marc chats with actress and youth investing advocate, Rachel Fox. The two discuss futures, technicals, and what it’s like to be named one of TIME’s “Most Influential Teens.” Plus: Marc’s thoughts on the Bank of Japan increasing its stimulus, how investors should diversify globally and what’s going on with gold and […]

The Dark Side of Cash and Why Millennials Aren’t Investing w/ Patrick O’Shaughnessy

In this week’s episode, Marc chats with Patrick O’Shaughnessy, author of Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune. The two discuss why Generation Y is so skittish about investing – and why stocks may be their only hope for retirement. Plus: Marc talks about the newly-approved lending laws making it easier for banks […]

Rethinking Your Retirement w/ Chris Farrell

In this week’s podcast, Marc talks social security and baby boomers’ shifting retirement habits with Chris Farrell, author of “Unretirement: How Baby Boomers are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community, and the Good Life.” Also discussed: The latest crash in oil prices, plummeting yields and why now may be the perfect time to […]

The “Risky” Investment with a 98% Success Ratio w/ Steve McDonald

In this episode, Marc discusses all things contrarian with special guest Steve McDonald, including an investment that brokers call “risky” despite its 98% success ratio. Plus: Marc challenges the results of a recent DALBAR study that concluded normal people cannot be taught how to invest properly. View the transcript

How to Invest According to Your Values w/ Dr. Kristin Hull

In this week’s show, Marc discusses the craziness in the markets lately, why it doesn’t pay to “invest scared,” and chats with Dr. Kristin Hull, President of Nia Global Solutions, about doing social good when investing. Also, Marc explains how looking at charts can help you significantly lower your risk. View the transcript

Deflation, Minimum Wage and the World’s Largest Social Network for Investors w/ Howard Lindzon

This week, Marc interviews Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder and CEO of Stock Twits. Howard discusses the reason he started Stock Twits and how the company has become the largest social network for investors, traders and entrepreneurs. In addition, Marc stokes the fire on whether or not the U.S. is in a deflationary environment and he gives […]

A Unique Currency Play That Guarantees Your Principal w/ Frank Trotter

This week, Marc talks with Frank Trotter, President of EverBank Direct, about a new product at EverBank that invests in foreign currencies and guarantees investors’ their principle. In addition, Marc discusses healthcare and ways to save money when you invest. View the transcript

Interest Rates… and a Bond Market Rally w/ John Derrick

This week, Marc discusses bond yields, bond funds and where interest rates are headed with John Derrick, director of research at U.S. Global Investors and fund manager for the Near-Term Tax Free Fund (NEARX). Also, Marc provides analysis on whether or not it’s a good time to buy shares of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) as well […]

Are You Financially Literate? feat. Dan Kadlec

This week, Marc talks about the importance of financial literacy with Dan Kadlec, columnist for TIME and Money Magazine. Also, Marc discusses the European market and the ECB decision to lower key interest rates. In addition, Marc examines the timeless question: Are we in a market bubble? View the transcript

The Power of You

This week, Marc interviews Luke Landes, founder of the premier personal finance blog, Consumerism Commentary. Luke discusses the two main reasons why he started Consumerism Commentary over a decade ago and how his blog helps people make better choices with their money today. In addition, Marc delivers a dose of reality to perma-bear investors who […]

You Must Diversify

This week, Marc talks commodities and portfolio diversification with Barry Potekin, V.P. of Managed Accounts Relations at RMB Group. Also, Marc discusses how positive and negative events around the world correlate with bull and bear markets.

Do You Have What It Takes to Earn a 500,000% Gain?

This week, Andrew Gordon, the founder of Startup Investor, talks with Marc about the biggest challenges, risks and rewards of investing in startup companies. In addition, Marc has some words of wisdom for any investor who’s anxious about how stocks may fare in the coming months with increased tensions around the world. View the transcript.

What a Mob Wife Can Teach About Making Money (Legally)

This week, Marc talks business with Mob Wives reality TV superstar Big Ang. From celebrity appearances to owning businesses and brands, Big Ang shares some of the secrets she’s discovered to finding success and keeping it. In addition, Marc talks about crisis investing as well as a scary signal that’s emerging in the 10-year Treasury […]

The Simple (and Effective) Habits of the Rich

This week, Marc interviews accidental personal-finance expert and founder of the award-winning blog Get Rich Slowly, J.D. Roth. J.D. tells a remarkable story that led him to find success (and wealth) and discusses the simple techniques he used to get out of over $30,000 in debt. Also, Marc talks about stock buybacks as well as […]

The Art of the Do Over

This week, Marc interviews Matt “The Do Over Guy” Theriault. Matt shares an incredible story of how he went from a seven figure salary to flat broke to turning his life back around and becoming a real estate investor and mentor. In addition to Matt’s story, Marc discusses how financial literacy can significantly help investors […]

The Best Way to Play Oil’s New Game-Changing Ruling

This week, Marc talks with The Oxford Club’s Energy and Infrastructure Strategist Dave Fessler about how to profit from a game-changing decision recently made by the Department of Commerce regarding the exporting of crude oil. Dave reveals how investors can position themselves to potentially gain immensely from this ruling. Additionally, Marc discusses one of his […]

An Interview With One of Today’s Top Entrepreneurs

This week, Marc talks about private equity and venture capitalism with Ben Lerer, CEO of Thrillist Media Group and Managing Director at Lerer-Hippeau Ventures. Ben has been profiled as one of the kings of venture capitalism in New York City and as one of the top five entrepreneurs in the country. Additionally this week, Marc […]

An “Unexpected” $225,000 Expense That Blindsides Retirees

Marc discusses all things retirement this week with Emily Guy Birkin, author of The 5 Years Before You Retire: Retirement Planning When You Need It the Most. From preparing for unexpected healthcare costs – upwards of $225,000! – to basic budgeting techniques, Emily’s advice can help ensure you reach your retirement goals no matter what. […]

A 9.6% Yield Even Safe Enough for Retirement

This week, Marc talks with New Mountain Finance Corp. (NYSE: NMFC) CEO Rob Hamwee about the inner workings of business development companies (BDCs) and how their unique structure allows them – and his firm included – to offer shareholders some of them highest dividend yields in stocks. In fact, New Mountain Finance Corp. touts a […]

Small Caps, Big Profit Potential

This week, Marc talks small caps with Frank Curzio, Editor of Stansberry & Associates Small Stock Specialist, Phase 1 Investor and the host of S&A Investor Radio. Frank reveals his favorite stocks, not only in the small cap realm, but as well as specific sectors that many investors are overlooking. In addition, Marc discusses the […]

The Greatest Threat to the Bull Market

This week, Marc discusses how uncertainty (both economically and politically) can quickly wreak havoc on a bull market. He talks with Matt Carr, Editor of Emerging Trends Trader, about how the mid-term elections and a growing divergence among U.S. voters will likely impact stocks in the coming months. Plus, Marc goes over his biggest “Winners […]

The Best Natural Resources to Buy Now

Marc relaunches his radio show, now titled Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Club Radio. To help kick off the show, Marc welcomes one of the greatest natural resource investors in the world, Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings. Additionally, Marc tells you where he expects interest rates to go, discusses Europe and kicks off […]

The Market’s Warning Signs

This week, Marc talks with Wall Street Daily Chief Income Analyst Alan Gula, who warns investors about some signals that make him cautious. Additionally, Marc talks about why you need to pay attention to Treasury bonds and dives into the mailbag to discuss valuation.

It’s Not Too Late to Start Investing

This week, Marc talks with Alan Nadel, Founder and Principal of Flying Point Asset Management, who explains why he believes this bull market still has a lot of life left in it. Marc also discusses ways you can get into the market even if you think you’re too late. View the transcript for this episode.

Make Money Even When Prices Don’t Rise

This week, Marc talks real estate with Justin Ford, President of Pax Properties. Justin lays out his formula for ensuring that investors always make a smart decision when buying real estate and how they can still make money even if prices stop rising. Marc also discusses how to make your portfolio more tax efficient.

The Bull Has a Lot More Room to Run

This week, Marc goes over why the bull market is far from over. He believes there could be several more years of stock gains left. He also talks with Malcolm Greenhill, CFP and President of Sterling Futures, about the pros and cons of bitcoin. View the transcript for this episode.

“It’s Time” to Talk Business with Bruce Buffer

This week, Marc talks with Bruce Buffer. While Bruce is best known for being the official Octagon announcer for the UFC and his new bestselling book “It’s Time: My 360° View of the UFC,” he is also a serial entrepreneur. Bruce discusses the successes and failures of his business career, as well as, the differences […]

Forget Dividends, Invest in Global Bonds

This week, Aaron Katsman, author of Retirement GPS: How to Navigate Your Way to a Secure Financial Future with Global Investing and the President and CEO of Tel Aviv based, Lighthouse Capital, explains why he prefers global bonds to dividend stocks. Aaron also discusses which parts of the world look most attractive right now. View […]

How To Protect Yourself From Being Taken Advantage Of

This week, Marc welcomes San Diego business journalist and former broker George Chamberlin. They discuss how investors can ensure that brokers and salesmen don’t sell them expensive investments that don’t help them reach their financial goals. Also, Marc discusses several big companies’ earnings reports and answers a listener’s question on Intel (Nasdaq: INTC). View the […]

The Crystal Ball

This week, Marc speaks with Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins, authors of The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget: How to Live Well on $25,000 a Year. Dan and Suzan describe how inexpensive and fun it can be to retire in exotic locales while soaking up the local culture. Also, Marc examines […]

Why You Need to Be In Equities Longer

This week, Marc talks with certified financial planner Mike Godfrey of Progressive Financial Planning Services about the risks and rewards of staying in equities longer than previously advised. Marc also explains the hubbub about high frequency trading and examines the safety of a 5.7% dividend yield. View the transcript for this episode.

The Most Important Thing Investors are Neglecting

Herb Greenberg, Editor of Herb Greenberg’s Reality Check at TheStreet.com and CNBC contributor, discusses a key aspect of investing that most people ignore. Marc also talks about the ridiculousness of calling this market a bubble and bitcoin. View the transcript for this episode.

Circus Freaks Are Leading the Market Higher

This week, Carter Worth, Chief Market Technician with Sterne Agee tells Marc why he’s concerned the market isn’t as healthy as it appears. He mentions several sectors and stocks that he likes and others that he dislikes. Additionally, Marc discusses why the market overreacted to Janet Yellen’s recent comments and dives into the mailbag. View […]

The Secret to Profits: Timing Is Everything

This week, The Oxford Club’s Matt Car, editor of Emerging Trends Trader and the new Prime Profit Secrets, explains how he looks for trends in various sectors before pulling the trigger on a trade. He offers a specific subsector that he loves right now, as well as two to stay away from. Also, Marc explains the differences […]

The Scariest Place You Should Be Investing Now

This week, Marc discusses an incredibly scary place to invest that should provide huge returns over the next few years. He also gives his take on muni bond funds. View the transcript for this episode.

Where Will China Get Its Gold?

This week, Marc talks natural resources with Oxford Resource Explorer editor Sean Brodrick. Sean talks about why he likes gold and energy and why he thinks the U.S.’s economic recovery could be in trouble. View the transcript for this episode.

Why Stock Buybacks Are Bad for Investors

This week, Marc exposes the myth that stock buybacks are good for investors. He also talks about small caps, how you can profit as well as protect yourself from bad investments. View the transcript for this episode.

Three Variables for Investing in Small Caps

This week, Marc discusses the variables he uses to invest in small cap stocks. Plus, he discusses how to avoid selling during a panic. He also proves that financial podcast hosts are chick magnets. View the transcript for this episode.

Success Story: Turning $150 into Millions

This week, Marc welcomes Teeka Tiwari, editor of Mega Trends Investing, who discusses his achieving the American dream only to lose it all and then rebuild it. Teeka also tells investors what they need to do to make money as interest rates rise in the near future. View the transcript for this episode.

The Market is Going to Go Straight Up

This week, podcast host, blogger, bestselling author and investor James Altucher talks about why he thinks the market is going higher and names his favorite companies and CEOs. He also discusses his often controversial blog and new podcast. View the transcript for this episode.

How to Multiply Your Dividends

This week, Marc goes over a strategy for “multiplying your dividends.” This conservative method can generate 20-50% annualized yields and put a lot of extra income in your pocket. He also dives into the mailbag and addresses a concern on a lot of investors’ minds. View the transcript for this episode.

My Favorite Drug Companies

This week, Marc discusses what he learned at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, going over his three favorite large pharma companies and his latest analysis on the biotech sector. Plus, he advises what you should do in a falling market. View the transcript for this episode.

The Surprising Market You Should Invest in Now

This week, Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green discusses the markets he expects to outperform, offering a rare combination of both value and growth.  Also, Marc discusses some of his favorite investing books and answers questions from the mailbag. View the transcript for this episode.

Is Sentiment Indicating a Selloff?

This week, Marc discusses investor sentiment and what it can and can’t tell you about the direction of stock prices. Marc also talks tech and the macro environment with Belus Capital Advisors COO Carleton English. View the transcript for this episode.


My Big 2014 Forecast

This week, Marc lays out his market forecast for 2014 and gives his take on value investing and portfolio management. View the transcript for this episode.

Are You Ready for a 10 to 15 Year Bull Market?

This week, Marc discusses the recovering economy and the bull market, which guest Alan Nadel of Flying Point Asset Management expects will last another 10 to 15 years. Marc also dives into the mailbag to answer your questions. View the transcript for this episode.

I Guarantee You’re Not Looking At This Market… But You Should Be

This week, Marc takes a look at several European markets including one you’ll be shocked that he thinks may be a good opportunity for the future. Plus, he dives into the mailbag to talk about two other international markets and answers a question about the DRIP strategy.

Why Dividend Growth Stocks Can Make You Rich

This week, Marc talks about the importance of dividend growth and why dividend stocks are such effective investments. Also, he Marc talks about how to lower the amount you pay in taxes for owning dividend stocks.

How to Protect Your Wealth from a Falling Dollar

This week, Marc talks with EverBank Direct President Frank Trotter who discusses his outlook for the dollar, what it could mean for your wealth and how to protect yourself.  Marc also mentions some contrarian ideas including a very out of favor stock that’s one of his favorites.

Is Janet Yellen Up for the Test?

This week, Marc talks markets with Kevin Logan, Managing Partner at Occasio Partners. Kevin says the bond market is going to test Janet Yellen in the coming months. Will she pass? He also explains why he expects the stock market to remain strong through the end of the year. In other segments, Marc talks about […]

The Natural Resources to Own Now

This week, Marc speaks with The Oxford Club’s Resource Strategist Sean Brodrick to talk gold and other natural resources. Find out what surprising natural resources Sean says you should be looking at now. Plus, tales of fine dining at mining camps.

A Small Cap Dividend You Need to Know

This week, Marc discusses economic data, sentiment and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR). He also welcomes Stansberry & Associates’ Frank Curzio, Host of S&A Investor Radio and Editor of Phase 1 Investor and Small Stock Specialist advisories, who talks about investing in small caps and one dividend payer you should know about.

Do You Wish It Was 2008 Again?

This week, Marc welcomes Wall Street Daily Chief Investment Strategist Louis Basenese who shockingly tells us why he wishes it was 2008 again. They discuss various aspects of income investing, including investing outside the U.S.  Marc also reaches into the mailbag and talks about a double-digit yielder that he thinks is very risky.

Stop Listening to the Wrong People

This week, Marc discusses economists, analysts, permabears and financial advisors who are consistently wrong about the market. Plus, he goes over a stock with a guaranteed 6% yield that trades at a steep discount.

You Won’t Believe What Janet Yellen Might Do

This week, Marc talks with Yahoo! Finance Editor in Chief Aaron Task about the debt ceiling, what will likely happen in January/February when we go through another political showdown all over again and a surprising prediction about incoming Fed Chairman Janet Yellen. In addition, he explains when investors should and should not listen to analysts.

What Are the Chances of a U.S. Gov’t Default?

This week, Marc discusses the possibility of the U.S. government defaulting on its debt and the consequences with Dr. Mark Skousen, Editor of Forecasts and Strategies. Also, Marc answers a listener’s question about the safety of a stock with a 12% yield.

Why You’ll Thank Congress for the Shutdown

This week, Marc discusses the U.S. Federal Government shutdown and what it means for your investments.  Marc also answers listeners’ questions on brokers and Obamacare.

The Inflation Indicator No One is Talking About

This week, Marc discusses an economic indicator that suggests a spike in inflation could be around the corner — and how you can protect yourself from the destructive powers of inflation. He also tells listeners a frightening story about saving and dives into the mailbag.

What “No Tapering” Means for You

This week, Marc talks with Occasio Partners, Managing Partner, Kevin Logan about what the Fed’s decision not to taper its bond buying program means for interest rates, bonds and your investments. He also goes into the mailbag to talk about the best way to use options to turbocharge your income.

Make 6% to 12% Yields and Buy Your Stocks Cheaper

This week, Marc discusses how you can earn 6% to 12% yields while buying the stock you want at a lower price than the market. Lee Lowell, Editor of the Instant Money Trader and author of Get Rich With Options takes listeners through the details of this unique strategy. Marc also talks about why you […]

What to Do With Your Utilities

This week, Marc discusses why utilities stocks are falling and how investors should approach the sector. Plus, he talks about when to take profits, cut losses and answers listeners’ questions from the mailbag.

How to Make Money in REITs

This week, Marc goes over real estate investment trusts (REITS). He talks with Brad Thomas, Editor of the Intelligent REIT Investor, about whether now is a good time to invest in REITs, considering rising interest rates. Marc also answers your questions from this week’s mailbag.

Why You Should Wait to Buy MLPs

This week, Marc discusses master limited partnerships (MLPs) and talks with Matthew Carr, Investment Strategist, Emerging Trends Trader on when is a good time to buy these types of stocks.

Can You Handle a 5-Fold Increase in Prices?

This week, Marc goes over how prices go up at least 500% during the course of your lifetime — and how to protect your buying power. He also discusses why Carl Icahn is wrong to insist that Apple increase its stock repurchase.

Can You Still Get Rich with Apple?

This week, Marc welcomes guest Carleton English, COO/Portfolio Manager of Belus Capital Advisors. Carleton and Marc discuss the retail sector and whether Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) can rise again.

Where is the Economy Going? And Does it Even Matter?

This week, Marc speaks with Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green about the latest economic data, his Gone Fishin’ Portfolio and specific sectors in the market that he likes right now. Marc also dives into the Get Rich with Dividends mailbag and answers some of your questions.

Have Muni Bonds Changed Forever?

This week, Marc goes over the muni bond market in the wake of the Detroit bankruptcy, detailing why muni bonds may have changed forever. He also dives into the Get Rich With Dividends mailbag.

Don’t Listen to Bad Advice

Marc nearly loses it after a Los Angeles Times article offers horrible advice to seniors who are worried about outliving their assets. Find out what got him in such a lather. Also, more discussion on Ben Bernanke’s comments.

Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Investing Fees

This week, Marc shows investors how to save tens of thousands of dollars in investing fees over their lifetime with a simple and inexpensive strategy for managing money. He also takes listeners’ questions and discusses the beginning of earnings season.

The Economy is Growing. Here’s the Proof

This week, Marc dismisses the naysayers who claim the economy is still in the dumps. He also discusses what a dividend says about a company’s prospects.

The One Formula You Need to Safely Invest in Dividend Stocks

This week, Marc goes over the Payout Ratio and how his method of calculation is a more accurate predictor of the health of a company’s dividend.  He also discusses gold, China and the latest economic numbers.

An Easy Way to Boost Your Income

This week, Marc welcomes Wall Street Daily’s Director of Options, Karim Rahemtulla to Get Rich with Dividends. Karim and Marc discuss covered calls as a way to significantly increase your investment income. Marc also talks about why this bull market still has room to run.

The Coolest Dividend Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of

This week Marc discusses BDCs, an obscure type of stock that pays big yields to investors.

Tech Stocks for Your Dividend Portfolio

This week Marc discusses the rise in interest rates and their effect in utilities and telecom. He also goes over some of his favorite tech names that are paying healthy dividends.

Interest Rates Spike – Should You Sell Your Dividend Stocks?

This week Marc discusses the spike in interest rates and what it may mean for your portfolio. He also goes over the utility sector and mentions a few of his favorite stocks.  Additionally, Marc and guest Kevin Logan, Partner with money management firm Occasio Partners, talk about bonds, Japan and their impact on stocks.

Great Yields with No Taxes

This week, Marc discusses Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and how investors can obtain high yields while deferring their taxes. He offers several specific stocks for investors to consider.

Keep Your Money, Grow Your Wealth

In the premiere episode of Get Rich with Dividends, host Marc Lichtenfeld shows you how much money you can save my managing your own investments – and he provides a simple strategy for how to do it.