Is It Actually Possible to Time the Market? w/ Blair Hull, Hull Investments


On today’s episode, Marc talks to legendary options trader Blair Hull. After selling his first company to Goldman Sachs, Blair founded the Hull Tactical U.S. ETF (NYSE: HTUS). It’s currently crushing the S&P 500. And according to Blair, it’s because his firm is able to use predictive indicators to essentially do the impossible – that is, time the market. In an insightful chat, Marc digs into the inner workings of HTUS and Blair’s prediction for the next six months.

Marc also discusses a recent CNBC segment about companies on the verge of cutting their dividends. It’s an important topic for anyone focused on income. Unfortunately, CNBC based their thesis mainly on earnings – and there’s a whole lot more to consider. Marc weighs in on the situation, including how listeners can judge the dividend safety of their own investments.

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